Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is a customized massage focusing on firm pressure, trigger, cross fiber, trigger point therapy and other specific techniques. This massage therapy improves range of motion, flexibility, tone, circulation and decreases pain.

1 hour $85.00——-90 mins $110.00


Swedish massage is a full body massage that provides the ultimate relaxation. Swedish is great for relieving stress, improving circulation and relieving aches and pains.

1 Hour $80.00 ——- 90 mins $100.00

De-Stress and Relax

This is a traditional Swedish combined with various therapeutic techniques to relax, unwind and escape from stress.

1 Hour $80.00 ——- 90 mins $100.00

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy utilizes specific strokes and stretches to help obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning with less chance of injury or pain. It increases power, endurance and flexibility both before and after an event or workout.

1 Hour $85.00 ——- 90 mins $110.00

Pre-Natal Massage

Massage during pregnancy can reduce swelling in hands and feet, relieve neck and back pain caused by muscle imbalance and weakness, and also lessen leg cramps and headaches.



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