Many people don’t know about the health benefits of massage therapy. They think of massage as an indulgence. When you think of massage what do you think of? Do you picture a luxurious spa or a medical clinic? Most people picture the spa with candles and relaxing music. There’s nothing wrong with that. A nice relaxing massage is very good, but did you know that many massages are performed in clinical settings daily? Besides being relaxing massage can benefit the body in many other ways.
Here are some examples of the positive effects massage therapy can have on health.

Increases circulation–The increased blood flow caused by massage helps increase the nourishment muscles receive and carries the wastes from the muscles into the lymphatic system. If your legs ache after a long day try massaging them and notice how much quicker the aching goes away.

Increases flexibility–The kneading and pulling motion of massage can help increase flexibility in muscles and loosens bound fascia. The therapist can also use methods such as Muscle Energy Technique to increase flexibility.

Strengthens the immune system–Encouraging the flow of lymph helps pump toxins out of your body enhancing your immune system.

Reduces stress and anxiety–Calming the nervous system is one of the effects of massage. This facilitates relaxation.

Improves the health of skin–It helps the skin become more supple and regulates oil production.

Speeds healing–Massage helps speed healing time after surgery and reduces the appearance of scar tissue.

Reduces blood pressure–The slowing of the heart are the calming of the nervous system result in lower blood pressure


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